Write an Article?

Hello Fellow Cravers, GD here and you have clicked on to this page because you are interested in writing an Article for Crave Your Game, brilliant! So your asking now what do you have to do to get an article up on to the site, simple really just write up your article in Word or Notepad, with the following bits of information.

  • Your Name –  This has to be the Second thing in your article, put it like ‘ (title of article)’, then bellow that  ‘By (Your name here)’. Now it doesn’t have to be your real name, it can be a nickname if you want, just nothing offensive please.
  • The title of your article – This is important, without it your article will go nameless, and we don’t want that. Put it either at the top of your article, or as the name of the file, Nothing too long please.
  • The Category – What kind of article are you writing, is it a review, News or just anything to do with Gaming or entertainment in General, just place this either at the top of your article or bottom also if it is a console specific article, tell us which one.
  • Contact details – Now this isn’t needed, it’s if you want any link put on the article that takes them to your other work you have created. Put it at the bottom of your article and it will be set up

So now that’s done a few rules…

  • Nothing offensive – When I mean nothing offensive I mean nothing racist, sexist, homophobic and so on. Same with swearing, unless it’s from a quote, please keep it to a minimum.
  • No plagiarism – If you are quoting someone please give credit where credit is due, for instance, if you have a news story, tell where your source, if you can, is from, particularly if it is from another news site. 
  • No Images – In your article, no images, we will sort all that out all we want is the written article.

So there you have it, if you have read the rules and you still have an article you want to put up on the site send them to the following email address.

Gary Davies


Mark your email as Contribute article. This is so I know its an article for the website. Now this website is non-profit, so you will not get paid for your article, sorry but it is a great way to earn experience in the field.

So that is all thank you for reading this and looking forward to reading your stories in the near future.



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